2024 Jetty ArtSpace 
Competition Terms and Conditions.

Jetty ArtSpace  Saturday & Sunday May 11-12 2024

Please take into account that conditions beyond our control due to weather may cause changes to the Seabreeze Festival and this competition.

General Terms and Conditions 

All artwork must be deemed child friendly and G-rated, or will be refused.

The Award is open to Artists  who are residents of the Northern Territory

Only one entry per Artist will be accepted, however an Artist contributing to a group/school entry may also enter an individual work.

All artwork remains the property of the producing Artist or Organisation.

The Artist warrants that the work is original and that it does not infringe any copyright, moral rights, intellectual property rights or other rights of any third party.

The Artist remains the copyright owner of the work and will be acknowledged as the creator of the work at all times.

The Artist grants to the Nightcliff Community Bank  a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide licence to freely use, reproduce, publish and communicate the entered work for publicity, promotional and educational purposes associated with the Award in print and digital media. The winning works may also be reproduced to promote future Jetty ArtSpace Awards.

 The competition takes place in a public, outdoor area subject to the weather on the day. Artwork is entered at the owners risk and no insurance of the work is provided by the organisers.

The Community Choice awards will be decided by votes registered on official voting slips provided by the organisers. Votes must be lodged by visitors to the Jetty Artspace between the official hours of 1pm to 7pm on Saturday 11th May or 10am to 6pm on Sunday 12th May

No proxy or electronic votes will be accepted.

No correspondence will be entered into concerning the award decisions.

Important information for entry

  • Entry is Free
  • Artwork must be registered online before Friday 3 May 2024
  • Only one (1) piece of art per artist/group
  • Unregistered work will be refused and won't be eligible for prizes
  • All entries must have your name and  contact details on the back
  • Each entry will be allocated a number for voting purposes 
  • We will announce the winners and present prizes at the Nightcliff Sunday Markets   at 10.00am Sunday 19th May 2024
    A 'Door Prize'  of a Webber BBQ will be drawn from voters present. 

Please prepare your work for us to hang

The ArtSpace experiences moderate to severe winds and while the sea breeze is refreshing to feel it can lift even heavy pieces of art and throw them.  Art is displayed on fencing panels and we've learned that using cable ties to secure it is our safest and most reliable option in the wind.

We will have hooks and cable ties for registered entries but artists must prepare their own work to hang.

Cardboard and paper are impossible to hang and damage is guaranteed.  

All artwork is displayed at the owners risk.

Images of Artworks and Artists may be used in promotional material by Nightcliff Community Bank 

How and when do I get my art to the jetty?

Delivery must  be between 8am and 12pm on Saturday 11th May 2024

Please avoid the last 30-60 minutes if possible.

Please consider the size of your art and items which are large, heavy or bulky will need the artist to arrange delivery and collection directly to the event.

Art which needs to be displayed in a particular way will need to be delivered and arranged by the artist.

 Voting is open on both Saturday and Sunday
Between 1pm and 7pm sharp.on Saturday and
10am to 6pm on Sunday

Art should be collected on Sunday 12th May between 6pm and 8pm

Please click here to fill out an entry form.

The 2024 Jetty ArtSpace entries will be judged by either Community Votes or a panel of Judges.

The Schools and Open Individual categories will be judged by Community Votes. Note that all Individual entries will be automatically entered into the Open Individual category but may also qualify for a different category as well.

All other categories will be decided by a panel of Judges.

Judged by Community Votes

Primary Schools

Parap Primary
1st $1500

Parap Primary moving mapMoving Map

Wanguri Primary
2nd $750

Wanguri Australia MapAustralia Map

Manunda Tce
3rd $250

jettyart manunda tce primaryA Meadow of Flowers

Middle/ Secondary Schools

1st $1500
Nightcliff Middle

2nd $750
Good Shepherd

3rd $250
Dripstone Middle

Childcare Centres

Ist $350
Top End Learning

Open Individual

1st $1500
Amy Burns

jettyart amy burns open individual paintingAmy Burns 2024

2nd $750
Jan Herrmann

3rd $250
Pascale Zufferey

Judged by a panel of Judges

Open Groups

1st $500
Team Health

2nd $200
Project 21

Project21 art entry 2024Project 21 Fish 2024

3rd $100
Kentish Lifelong

Inclusive Award

no entry

Under 16 Years

1st $500

2nd $200

3rd $100

Under 12 Years

$100 voucher

sponsor nightcliff grocer s


$100 voucher
Catherine Griffin

sponsor savaas


$100 voucher
Jose Patalinghug

alley katz logo

All forms of art are eligible provided it can be successfully displayed at the jetty.

Some examples:

Recycled - When you recycle something, you process it so it can be used again. Needs to be a very high percentage of reused items except for any glue or paint.

3D -  3D art is perceived to have height, width and depth, and having these three makes it a form; meaning all 3D arts have form. It is not flat like paintings, drawings and photographs.

Collage - Not just magazine pictures on paper in the world of fine art collage is a specific art term, meaning a piece formed primarily by images that are adhered to an item to form a new image. (mosaic included)

Mixed media - Mixed media simply means more than one medium being used in a piece, so it can be painting and magazine images, assembled junk, ink and watercolor, etc etc

Painting - A painting is an image (artwork) created using pigments (color) on a surface (ground) such as paper or canvas. The pigment may be in a wet form, such as paint, or a dry form.

Participation bonus for schools and groups

Since 2016 Nightcliff Community Enterprises has provided an incentive for schools to assist in purchasing materials to create art work.

Register before  March 31st and receive $150 to assist with costs of art supplies. 

Conditions apply: This payment is only for schools, charitable or not for profit organisations, education providers and community groups.  Entry must be a single piece and not individual pieces of work.

All enquiries to jettyart@nightcliffcommunity.com 

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