2024 ArtSpace Registration

Jetty ArtSpace Competition 11-12 May 2024

All entries in the 2024 ArtSpace Competition must be registered online on the form below..

Read the Terms and Conditions of the competition here

Please refer to the Jetty ArtSpace Information page for more details on how to prepare and submit your entry.

Schools and other NFP groups may be eligible for a $150 grant to help with materials  for their entry. Apply online here.

2024 Jetty ArtSpace
This form covers all registration types, first use the drop down to select Artist Type. If it's a Group or Junior, provide a name in the next line, then the name of a Parent or Group Representative in the "Adult Contact Name" line.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Important information for entry

  • Entry is Free
  • Artwork must be registered online before Friday 3 May 2024
  • Only one (1) piece of art per artist/group
  • Unregistered work will be refused and won't be eligible for prizes
  • All entries must have your name and  contact details on the back
  • Each entry will be allocated a number for voting purposes 
  • We will announce the winners and present prizes at the Nightcliff Sunday Markets   at 10.00am Sunday 19th May 2024
Individual Community Gold 2019 by Catherine MilesNightcliff Bridge by Catherine Miles 2019 Individual Community Prize

How and when do I get my Art to the Nightcliff  Jetty ArtSpace?

Delivery must  be between 8am and 12pm on Saturday 11th May 2024

Avoid the last 30-60 minutes if possible.

Please consider the size of your art and items which are large, heavy or bulky will need the artist to arrange delivery and collection directly to the event.

Art which needs to be displayed in a particular way will need to be delivered and arranged by the artist.

Primary Schools, Senior/Middle Schools and Open Individual Awards
Will be determined by Community Voting at the Jetty ArtSpace:
(All individual entries will be included in the Open Individual category and may also be included in another category -eg Under 16 )

All other awards will be judged by a panel of Judges.

Voting is open on both Saturday and Sunday
Between 1pm and 7pm sharp.on Saturday and
10am to 6pm on Sunday

Art should be collected on Sunday 12 May between 6pm and 8pm
There are no storage facilities available, please collect your Art

Judged by Community Votes

Primary Schools

1st $1500

2nd $750

3rd $250

Middle/ Secondary Schools

1st $1500

2nd $750

3rd $250

Childcare Centres

Ist $350

Open Individual

1st $1500

2nd $750

3rd $250

Judged by a panel of Judges

Open Groups

1st $500

2nd $200

3rd $100

Inclusive Award


Under 16 Years

1st $500

2nd $200

3rd $100

Under 12 Years

$100 voucher

sponsor nightcliff grocer s


$100 voucher

sponsor savaas


$100 voucher

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Art for Sale

If you wish to receive offers to purchase your art we will provide a label to display your Name, Price and Contact Details next to your artwork.

Any sale/purchase of any artwork will be strictly between‘the seller and purchaser, there will not be mediation of any sort by Nightcliff Community Bank or Seabreeze Festival organizers at any time. Potential buyers will need to contact the artist directly.

Remember this is a public display and any information you provide will be publicly available.

seabreeze festial artSeabreeze Festival art at the Jetty
Sharka handing donation to LegacySharka donated the $1000 AGM door prize to NT Legacy.

You can help develop more community support simply by using the services provided by your local  Community Bank..

BMX bikes for kidsSponsored BMX Bikes for Kids
FBEC New jump sponsored by NIghtcliff Community BankSupporting Fannie Bay Equestrian Club
Retina Australia donation$1000 donation to Retina Australia
Territory Women Hunting and FishingHelping TWHF support Australian Ovarian Cancer research


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