2017 Seabreeze ArtSpace
Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival - Saturday May 6th 2017

This year there were two Community Choice prizes of $3000 each.

Artspace location at Nightcliff2017 ArtSpace location at the Nightcliff Jetty beside the carpark

Community Choice

Previously this was a category on its own. In 2017 all entries received will be voted on by the Community and artists may select (if they want) a second category to enter. The winner will be chosen by visitors to the ArtSpace between 2 and 6pm at the Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival.

School and Community Group Entry Grant

In 2016 Nightcliff Community Enterprises introduced an incentive for schools and community groups to assist in purchasing materials to create art work. All eligible registrations received before March 30th will be given $150.

  • Recipient must be a school, charitable or not for profit organisation, education facility or community group.
  • Entered artwork must be a project created by the group as a whole.

Category Explanations and Definitions

Categories and sponsors are under development and may be changed.

Photography Sponsored by Enjoy Darwin
Photograph may be printed to a maximum of A4 in size and must be on a solid/firm backing to prevent damage. We recommend corflute. Must be prepared to hang as noted above.

Wearable Art Sponsored by Nikana Designs

Work can be wearable items such as clothing or jewellery. Consideration by the artist needs to be made for how it will be displayed. Live models are acceptable, they will need to be on site for 4 hours. Models will not be permitted to solicit votes.

Recycled Sponsored by ???

Work must contain 100% recycled products (excluding any paint, glue or other adhesives) and can be in any format. It can be free standing however the Artist will need to consider how to display their work.

Sculpture/3D/Dimensional Formats Sponsored by ???

Basically – anything that isn’t flat! Artist needs to consider how this can be displayed and it should be prepared accordingly.

Community Group Sponsored by ???

Can be any medium but must be created as a group by people in a group which qualifies such as a community group, charitable organisation, sporting group or non-school education facility. Please ask the coordinator if you’re not sure.

Age Groups Sponsored by ???

  • Little Lindsays (up to 5)
  • Young Yunupingus (6 – 11)
  • Junior Junipers (12 – 16)
  • Youth (16 – 24)

School Groups Sponsored by ???

  • Preschool
  • Primary School
  • Middle School

All artwork must have your details attached.
All artwork must be registered.
Staff won't be able to answer your questions.  

Preparation and Display of Work
All work must be prepared and ready for display by the artist.  The ArtSpace location is open to moderate to severe winds and paper or thin cardboard are easily damaged and not suitable.  Work is displayed on wire fencing.  Experience has told us that using cable ties to secure artwork is our safest option in the wind.  We will have hooks and ties for all work but work not ready to hang will be excluded. 

We're back in our original position this year at the Nightcliff Jetty.

 Drop off this week
Artwork can be dropped off at the Nightcliff Community Bendigo Bank, Progress Drive Nightcliff.  No other Bendigo Banks can accept artwork.  Branch opening hours are 9am - 5pm (please don't come too close to closing time!!)  Groups and schools can arrange pick up with Tracey only during this week. If you need to drop off out of business ours I will give you an address.  
Work is transported to the festival in a sedan.  The record number of pieces of art into my car is 96 but naturally there are limits so please be mindful of that. Larger or more awkward works will need to be delivered and collected on Saturday.

Drop off and collection on Festival Day
Work can be delivered to the ArtSpace directly on Saturday the 6th of May between 7am and 12 noon.  If you are dropping work off please ensure your work is registered prior to the day, that it is ready to hang when you deliver it and that you let me know you are bringing it on Saturday.  All work must be registered before Saturday or it won't be eligible for the major prize.The Seabreeze Festival is on from 2 – 10pm however the ArtSpace ends at sunset and voting closes at 6pm.  Work can be collected between 6 and 8pm.We will be at the Jetty again this year.   

Community Choice Prize
Previously this was a category on its own.  In 2017 all entries received will be voted on by the Community and artists may select (if they want) a second category to enter.  The winner will be chosen by visitors to the ArtSpace between 2 and 6pm at the Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival.  We reserve the right to change your chosen category if it is not the most suitable choice.
Voting opens at 2pm and closes at 6pm.  One vote per person.  We trust people to only vote once however if we notice people doing multiple entries we will remove them.  I'm known for my freaky memory and I do notice when people do this each year.  
The winner will not be known on the day.
Only entries registered prior to the festival will be eligible to win the Community Choice.

Individual Categories
All individual category winners will be chosen by a judging panel yet to be decided and prize winners will be announced later in the day.

We won't be able to tell you the major prize winner on the day.  There will be a presentation at Malak Markets at the end of the month.  Individual category winners will have a winners notice on the at the festival around mid afternoon on Saturday.

Last year it rained.  We were prepared and were able to cover most work and throw the rest into a vehicle before it hit.  This year we hope it won't happen again but we will have our plastic there again.

Please click here to fill out an entry form.

2016 Seabreeze ArtSpace

2016 Art DisplaySeabreeze Festival 2016 winner outlined in red.

The major prize winner (outlined in red) was selected from a large range of works on display at the festival.

  • Community Choice Major Winner: Polly Johnstone
  •  Photography: (sponsored by Enjoy Darwin) Lauren Hicks
  •  Wearable Art: Paula Ann Moggs
  • 3D: Chad Garaty and Bev Ormston
  • Recycled Art: Alison Dowell and Lyn Lambeth
  •  Adults: Emma Long and David Johnson
  • Community Group: Mi Place
  • Little Lindsays: Harriet Hendry and Marcella Dupal Young
  •  Yunupingus: Tahli Highland and Amelia Cleghorn
  • Junior Junipers: Bella Long and Natasha Pellant
  • Schools: Anula Primary, Parap Primary and the Essington School
  • Senior Students: Project 21

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Sharka handing donation to LegacySharka donated the $1000 AGM door prize to NT Legacy.

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